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Notes from 24 March

25 Mar

10:37 Open mike on US Secret Service “Tango” 164.6500, no NAC.

10:50 Team 1 calling “plant” on MSP SOPS-1 (TG33360), reporting “entry made, no one home”.

11:57 Unit calling “Central” for a radio check on FBI A-5 167.4375 NAC 167. Both sides operating in the clear.

13:03 MSP F Troop (Logan Airport) dispatched to meet with TSA Behavior Detection Officers for a couple suspicious people near one of the baggage claim areas. Warrant check conducted with negative results. Parties were advised that they can not hang out at the airport anymore and ordered to leave.

13:35 LNG Tanker escort operations on MSP SOPS-6 (TG 33906)


Logan Airport

21 Mar

Listening to MSP F Troop, which patrols Logan Airport, and dispatch just advised everyone involved in the VIP detail to switch over to the encrypted channel. That’s probably the most interesting thing I’ve heard all morning (It’s been slow). It makes me curious about who the VIP is, though!

Edit: Now (12:47) they are shutting down the south side perimeter road as part of the escort.

Edit: (12:52) Several twitter users have clued me in that the VIP is, in fact, the Veep, Joe Biden.

Edit: Now (13:42) they are closing down taxiways per US Secret Service request.