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One Reported Dead After Train Hits Truck in N. Berwick

11 Jul

An Amtrak passenger train struck a dump truck at the crossing on Route 4 this morning, killing one and injuring several others. The crash also resulted in a fire. The train is derailed and is stopped well past the crossing.
Initial reports are that Northbound Downeaster train #681 is the one involved in the accident. As of now, twelve additional ambulances have been requested, and a Mass Casualty Incident has been declared.

Update: 12:02: C.J. Loycana reports five injured, with on backboarded and the rest walking wounded. 125 passengers were on the train at the time. Rescuers are still working on a search of the train.

Update: 12:19: EMS has at least 12 patients with c-spine precautions. It is believed the driver of the truck is the fatality. Buses are being requested for the passengers who aren’t injured.