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Notes from 30 March

31 Mar

09:20 Inbound LNG BW Suez Boston escort operations on MSP SOPS-3.

10:24 Military Air activity on 228.9000MHz.
11:33 Minor fire behind a washer/dryer in the basement at 272 Front St, Manchester NH. MFD knocked down with hand extinguishers.
11:43 US ICE conducting surveillance in Boston on 163.7500 NAC 289.
12:26 US CBP conducting radio checks on 165.2375.
12:30 MEMA East conducting monthly roll call of all communities in the Seabrook Power Plant EPC.

Notes from 25 March

26 Mar

15:25: MSP conducting mobile surveillance of a target in the Jamaica Plain area of Boston on SOPS-1.

16:02 LNG ship GDF Suez Neptune outbound escort on MSP SOPS-2

Notes from 24 March

25 Mar

10:37 Open mike on US Secret Service “Tango” 164.6500, no NAC.

10:50 Team 1 calling “plant” on MSP SOPS-1 (TG33360), reporting “entry made, no one home”.

11:57 Unit calling “Central” for a radio check on FBI A-5 167.4375 NAC 167. Both sides operating in the clear.

13:03 MSP F Troop (Logan Airport) dispatched to meet with TSA Behavior Detection Officers for a couple suspicious people near one of the baggage claim areas. Warrant check conducted with negative results. Parties were advised that they can not hang out at the airport anymore and ordered to leave.

13:35 LNG Tanker escort operations on MSP SOPS-6 (TG 33906)

Notes from 22 March

23 Mar

LNG Tanker operations on Mass State Police SOPS-2. Escort secured at 0942.

Customs & Border Patrol activity on 165.2375 P25, no NAC received. Massachusetts 128 calling Sector with ending mileage.
Active again at around 1245, transporting a prisoner from the O’Neill building in Boston to the DRO in Burlington, MA, which sounds like an ICE mission.

Mass State Police Air 4 on patrol out of Plymouth Airport at 1209.

Picked up DHART 2 on Boston Skyways at 1230, sounded like they were headed in to Mass General.

US Immigration & Customs Enforcement was active at Boston Logan on 170.7750 with a NAC of 391. This frequency is active on a daily basis and is unencrypted. The traffic is always of a routine, administrative nature (i.e. “Call the office”).