Aerial Refueling reservations for Boston Center, 04SEP

4 Sep

Track     Start(z) End(z) Altitude  Frequencies
AR20(NE)  0800     1000   FL150-280 341.75 349.70
AR212(NE) 1400     1515   FL190-220 238.90 282.70
AR631     1430     1630   FL200-220 295.80 282.70
AR204(NE) 1530     1630   FL240-260 324.60 282.70
AR204(NE) 2300     2359   FL240-260 324.60 282.70

First reservation wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped. DEUCE04 refueled NATO C-17 BARTOK57 as the C-17 headed back over towards Europe. Not sure why they needed such a large block for that.

listen to ‘DEUCE04 BARTOK57 04SEP’ on Audioboo

AR-631 was PACK11 refueling NY ANG C-17 POLO99 at FL200. POLO99 then returned to base.

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