Fighter jets practice intercepting aircraft over Glen Falls, NY

22 Aug

F-15’s from the Massachusetts Air National Guard conducted exercises today which involved a simulated scramble to intercept targets over Glen Falls, New York. The fighters launched from Barnes, and the role of the unknown aircraft was played by a Civil Air Patrol Cessna.

In this recording you can hear NORAD Northeast Air Defense Sector (call sign HUNTRESS) giving intercept instructions to the two F-15’s, call signs SLAM31 and SLAM32. Towards the end of the recording you can hear unrelated traffic from PACK61 flight (two NH ANG refueling tankers) and MOVER30 (KC-10A out of McGuire), who were going to refuel over New Hampshire.

Longer periods of silence between transmissions were edited out to save some space.

F-15 practice intercept over New York by AlertNewEngland

This was all recorded with the setup I’m hoping to turn into a live feed. If you enjoy this, and would like to be able to listen to it live 24/7, please chip in some money to help me offset the cost of the required equipment.


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