June 5th New England military air movements

6 Jun

Times are local, and approximate at best. Feel free to contact me with any corrections or additions.


09xx IGOR02    ME ANG   KC-135R 58-0107 Departs
10xx MAINE85   ME ANG   KC-135R 58-0030 Departs for AR-631
13xx MAINE85   ME ANG   KC-135R 58-0030 Arrives
18xx MAINE86   ME ANG   KC-135R 58-0030 Departs
21xx MAINE86   ME ANG   KC-135R 58-0030 Arrives 

Barnes Municipal Airport KBAF

     KILLERxx  MA ANG   F-15            Local Ops

Bradley IAP KBDL

No activity noted.

Burlington IAP KBTV

133x NINJA21  VT ANG    F-16            Departs
142x NINJA21  VT ANG    F-16            Arrives

Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station KFMH

No activity noted.

Concord Municipal Airport KCON

No activity noted.

Portsmouth International Airport at Pease KPSM

07xx PACK89    NH ANG   KC-135R 62-3506 Departs
1005 IGOR03    NH ANG   KC-135R 63-0310 Departs
1046 REACH135  NH ANG   KC-135R 62-3547 Departs
17xx PACK89    NH ANG   KC-135R 62-3506 Arrives
183x PACK22    NH ANG   KC-135R 62-3515 Departs
215x PACK22    NH ANG   KC-135R 62-3515 Arrives

Quonset State Airport KOQU

1xxx RHODY33   RI ANG   KC-135R 99-1433 Departs

Westover Air Reserve Base KCEF

102x RODD32    AFRC     C-5B    86-0021 Departs
135x RODD32    AFRC     C-5B    86-0021 Arrives
170x RODD99    AFRC     C-5B    86-0021 Departs
20xx RODD99    AFRC     C-5B    86-0021 Arrives

Also Active:

Westover-based C-5B 87-0031 passed through the area on the way to Europe as REACH183. May have taken off from KDOV or KWRI.


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