Boston MA: Bank robbery at 1 Center Plaza

14 Feb

Police responded to a bank robbery at the Citizens Bank at 1 Center Plaza in downtown Boston early Tuesday afternoon. Per the Boston Police department, the suspect was a white male, 6′ tall, with a large build and facial stubble.

Paul Dabene posted this picture, and reported one person was taken into custody, and that detectives were on scene counting the money recovered:

Per the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office, the suspect, identified as Christopher J. Washburn of Quincy, ran past a plainclothes Boston Police detective while fleeing the bank. The detective followed him into a parking garage, where Washburn threatened to stab him. There was a struggle, and almost instantly, the detective was assisted by additional Boson Police officers (from the station just a couple of blocks away), Federal Protective Services officers (from the JFK building across the street), and Suffolk County Sheriff Deputies (who were leaving the courthouse next door).

Washburn was taken into custody, and police recovered $1200, the amount taken in the robbery. He is being charged with unarmed robbery, assault and battery on a public employee, and resisting arrest.

Boston Police have confirmed that the suspect was captured:

All charges are allegations, and suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 


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