Tracking stolen iPhone leads police to suspect

29 Dec

After a woman set her phone down at a Newbury Street shoestore only to find it missing seconds later, Boston Police detectives used the “Find-Iphone” app to track the missing device. From the BPD press release:

Around 11:30AM, the victim called detectives from District D-4 (South End) and provided her Apple ID information and password. Detectives then utilizing the “Find I-Phone” application tacked the phone to the intersection of Washington and Berkeley Street. Officers responded to that area and made note of several individuals standing in the area of a bus stop at that location.  A few minutes later, the application updated the location of the phone to the intersection of East Berkeley Street and Fay Street, traveling on Fay Street toward Harrison Avenue. Officers then repositioned themselves toward Harrison Ave. where they then observed an individual that they had just seen earlier at the bus top at Washington and East Berkeley Streets.
Detectives then got out of their unmarked car and approached this individual who they then asked to see his cell phone. This individual immediately told officers that he had just found a phone and handed it to officers.
The suspect, Lonnie Raleigh, 46 of Brighton was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $250.00 and Larceny over $250.00. Post arrest and Miranda, the suspect admitted to stealing the victim’s phone at the shoes store.

Great to see the police using this type of technology more and more to catch thieves.


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