F-15’s make a surprise stop in the Seacoast

21 Dec

UPDATE: Apparently 5 F-15’s ended up landing at Pease. Here’s a photo.

Two F-15E Strike Eagles made an unscheduled stop at Pease International Tradeport today just after noon. The planes, from the 326th fighter squadron, were being ferried across the Atlantic, and had taken off from Morón Air Base in Spain this morning. The planes were part of a larger flight, which was being accompanied by refueling tankers. Two F-15’s, operating as MAZDA21 elected to divert to either Bangor International Airport or Pease, and chose Pease. Before landing, they requested fuel and parking. It is unclear how long they will be at Pease for, but it is likely a brief stop, as I’m sure the pilots are eager to return to their home base at Seymour Johnson AFB in North Carolina.

Per the scramble.nl message boards, the aircraft traveling today had the following tail numbers:


Frequencies used were:

321.00 PACK Control at KPSM
263.05 KPSM Approach


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