Suspect, police exchange gunfire on Warren St.

14 Aug

Boston Police officers returned fire after a suspect allegedly shot at them on Warren St near Martin Luther King Blvd just after 1:30 AM Sunday morning. the suspect fled in a red Mitsubishi. It is unknown if anyone was hit.

UPDATE: Per Andrea Courtois from WBZ News, BPD media relations reports that the incident was only a BPD officer accidentally discharging his weapon in the street. I’m eagerly awaiting the press release, and will post further details as soon as I know more.

UPDATE 4:06PM Monday: Still no press release from BPD on the matter, but I’ve reviewed the recording of the radio transmissions of the event. Here’s what happened:

A BPD detective unit was attempting to stop a red Mitsubishi Galant, MA plate 46JS86. The vehicle was traveling Westbound on Martin Luther King, and took a right turn onto Humboldt Avenue when they lost sight of it. Multiple Boston Police units converged on the area in an attempt to locate and stop the vehicle, which was then spotted taking a turn onto Washington St from Dale St. Police pursued the vehicle onto Thornton St, headed towards Valentine. Shortly thereafter, police reported “shots fired” on Fulda Street, one block over, and all police in the district were ordered to respond. At this point, the vehicle was reported to be on Fulda St, headed towards Heath St. An officer came up on the radio and reported that the shots were fired by police, and confirmed that no one in the vehicle had fired. The department shooting team was notified to respond to Fulda St & Valentine St, where the shots were fired. The vehicle was then spotted traveling up Parker Hill Ave towards Mission Hill. A BOLO for the vehicle was then put out on BPD channel 4 for the Jamaica Plain officers, and the dispatcher reported that “shots were fired”. The vehicle was last seen on the Jamaicaway headed towards the Fenway. A BOLO was issued to all BPD officers in an attempt to locate the vehicle, and for officer safety, and the occupants were referred to as “armed and dangerous”.


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