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Lifeflight called to scene of 3 car accident on I-495 in Franklin

31 Aug

Mass State Police troopers and Franklin firefighters responded to a 3 car motor vehicle accident on I-495 southbound near Route 140 just before 11:00 AM Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, they discovered a head-on collision. Initial investigation showed that a woman operating her vehicle on the northbound side crossed over the median, causing the accident. At least one person was trapped in their vehicle, and a UMass Lifeflight helicopter was requested. Lifeflight 1 landed on the highway and transported one injured person, a man in his 30’s who sustained life-threatening injuries, to UMass Hospital in Worcester. A second injured person was transported to Rhode Island Hospital by ground ambulance. Two more people with less serious injuries, and adult and a child, were transported to Milford Hospital.
MSP accident reconstruction teams remain on scene investigating the crash.


Person shot behind Bromley-Heath projects

29 Aug

A shotspotter activation behind the Bromley Heath projects led Boston Police to a crime scene in the rear of 964 Parker Street, where they found a blood trail in the middle of the courtyard. Shortly afterwards, a vehicle was stopped in the area of 1015 Tremont Street with several people inside, including the victim. The woman was transported to Boston Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.
The suspect is believed to have fled on foot towards the Jackson Square MBTA station. The shooting is being worked by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center real-time crime unit, as well as crime scene technicians and detectives. At this time, the shooting appears to be gang related, and possibly a retaliatory act in response to another shooting. Ballistics evidence was located by K9 behind 265 Centre Street.
Boston Police are searching for a Terrence Keith, a dark complexioned male, last seen wearing a black shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. He has a “Heath Street” tattoo on his arm.

Man flown by helicopter after motorcycle crash in Auburn, New Hampshire

24 Aug

One person had to be flown by medical helicopter to Mass General Hospital after a motorcycle accident in the 200 block of Chester Road early Wednesday morning. The patient was flown by helicopter DHART 2, and was reported to be a male in his 40’s who had lost his right leg below the knee in the accident. The helicopter landed near the scene at the Auburn Village School.

UPDATE 3:22PM: An eyewitness at the scene has provided the following information:

It was out in front of my house. I was first on scene along with my neighbor. It was just one man 40’s-50’s. According to him, he hit the telephone pole after swerving to avoid a critter. For a while he was lucid enough to realize he was missing a leg and asked if I would prop it up for him. He was thrown about 30 feet from the bike. He was still conscious and moaning when they put him in the ambulance. His leg was severed off about 1/2 way up his shin.

Another person reports that the man’s leg was transported with him to the hospital, where they may attempt to reattach it.

Predicting earthquake effects with twitter

24 Aug

Twitter follower Brian D’Amico asked me how long it took for today’s earthquake to reach us here in New England, and it prompted me to do a little math.

Per the USGS, seismic waves travel at anywhere from 2-8 kilometers per second. From the epicenter of the earthquake to Boston is roughly 853 km, give or take 30 or 40 kilometers. This means it would take the somewhere between 1 minute 46 seconds and 7 minutes for the earthquake to be felt in Boston.

USGS recorded the earthquake happening at 1:51 PM local time. The first tweet I received regarding the earthquake was at 1:57, by @gnimsh. Assuming twitters clocks and the USGS’s clocks are pretty close, and that @gnimsh tweeted me right away, this definitely fits into the window. It’s also worth noting that @gnimsh was alerted to the earthquake even earlier, since he already knew it occurred in Virginia. Also of note is that the USGS alert email didn’t go out until 2:06 or so.

I’m guessing that there were plenty of tweets about the earthquake from people in Virginia in the 6 minutes it took for the shaking to get here. In fact, someone with better skills at searching twitter could probably show a neat trail of tweets as the tremors spread outwards. It seems to me that you (and by “you”, I mean a computer program) could roughly judge the severity of a quake by the number of people tweeting about it, and even the approximate speed of it by the spread of tweets, and subsequently issue warnings to people one or two minutes before the quake hits them.

I’m not a computer programmer or seismologist. I’m interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on this, though.

Man shot in the leg on Dudley St in Roxbury

22 Aug

A man was shot in the leg near the corner of Dudley Street and Greenville St just before 1:00 PM on Monday. Boston Police officers located the victim near Zeigler Street and Winslow Street, and recovered a firearm behind a building on Dudley Street.
Boston Police report the victim was transported by EMS to Boston Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Sunset Grill employee stabbed twice on Brighton Ave

22 Aug

Boston Police responded to the area of 138 Brighton Ave in Allston at 2:00 AM Monday and found a Sunset Grill employee stabbed twice to the back. The stab wounds were relatively minor,  and the man was transported by BLS ambulance to Beth Israel. Initial reports are that the suspect in the stabbing is the employee’s cousin.

Man Lifeflighted after being hit by police car in Framingham

20 Aug

UMass Lifeflight was requested and responded to Framingham early Saturday morning for a man in his 30’s who was reportedly struck by a police car on Waverly St. The helicopter landed at the DPW yard off Western Avenue and transported the man to the UMass Medical Center. An accident reconstruction team is investigating the incident.