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Two People Shot in Hartford, CT

29 Jun

Two people were reported to be shot in the early morning hours at 15 Plainfield St. According to police on scene, both persons were shot multiple times.


Person Stabbed in Southie

28 Jun

Boston PD report that a person was stabbed in the shoulder tonight at 178 West 7th Street. The victim was apparently stabbed during a robbery attempt, and is not cooperating with the police.

Four Year Old Shot on the corner of Talbot Ave & Blue Hill Ave

28 Jun

Just after 9:30 tonight, Boston Police responded to a shooting in Harambee Park at the corner of Talbot Ave and Blue Hill Ave and found a four year old child with a single gunshot wound to the back. The child was rushed to Boston Medical Center in critical condition.
Police on scene report the suspect, who is still at large, fired into a crowd of people who were outside cooking out. A second person was also hit, but has only minor injuries. Boston Police are looking for 2 black males in their late teens who fled on dirtbikes, described as wearing blue jeans and white t-shirts. reports the child is in stable condition.

Boston Police Officer Stops Armed Robbery in Dedham

28 Jun

A man who tried to rob the Tedeschi’s at 77 Cedar St tonight was stopped by an off-duty Boston police officer who held the suspect at gunpoint until Dedham Police and Mass State Police arrived on scene and took the suspect into custody.
Today, Boston Police identified the officer as Detective Mike Kane.

Busy night in Dedham, as Dedham Patch reports a DPD officer was injured by a suspect with a knife at the Dedham Mall Sears.

Photo Quiz

27 Jun
Identify this item from my keychain:

I’ll give you a hint to get you started: It isn’t designed to go on keyrings, but they tend to go missing from their intended purpose and end up there. Leave your answers in the comment section below, on twitter, or on facebook. If no one gets it after a while, I’ll give another hint.

Guesses so far:

Eric Szymczyk: Fire department elevator key.
OsoupieO: Sterling silver Tiffany’s baby pacifier.
Malden Patch: An old drain plug.
Peter Lovasco: Key magnet picker-upper. (Actually, I kinda want one of those now!)
Jane Martin: Toilet flapper chain or very large belly button piercing. (No fair guessing twice)

So far the closest is probably Malden Patch. I promised another clue, so here you go: It’s related to firefighting, and most of my good friends have them on their keyrings as well.

Still no luck. I was considering posting more clues, but I think it might have been just a bit too obscure of an item. Answer below.

Answer: It’s a dust cover for an EAB (emergency air breathing) manifold, used in shipboard firefighting. In the event of a fire, or any other casualty that makes the air unbreathable, a mask can be donned. The mask has a hose attached that plugs into low pressure air piping that runs through the boat. All you need to do is find your way to the manifold, give the valve a twist to make the dust cover fall out, and plug in. To move around the ship, you take a deep breath, unplug your hose, and move quickly to the next air connection. Hopefully you’ve remembered where they all are, because if there’s no light, or in heavy smoke, it’s going to be tough to find. It’s the job of the first person to reach each manifold to remove the dust covers from all four outlets, so the next people to show up can quickly plug in and receive air. They also make nifty keychains, and as such, serve as a sort of fraternal symbol. This means they have a tendency to go missing, as well. The photo below shows the whole apparatus, and you can see the dust covers hanging down. Here’s a link with more info.

The guy on the left in the photo below is in the process of donning his mask. Each one comes in a bag bundled with a flash hood (to protect your ears) and some light weight firefighting gloves.

Person Stabbed on Lenox St in Boston

27 Jun

A person was stabbed in the area of 95 Lenox St around midnight by three black males who fled on foot into the projects. The suspect was transported to Boston Medical Center by EMS.

Military Mode S Loggings from 50 States

27 Jun

Figured I’d start up a log to see how long it takes me to log a hit on an Air National Guard flight from every state. I’ll keep updating this as I go.

District of Columbia: Tail 02-0202, C-40C from the 201st Airlift Squadron, call sign BOXER 42
Maine: Tail 63-8872, KC-135R from the 132nd Air Refueling Squadron, call sign MAINE 86
Mississippi: Tail 02-1112, C17A from the 183rd Airlift Squadron, call sign REACH 945
New Hampshire: Tail 62-3520, KC-135R from the 133rd Air Refueling Squadron, call sign PACK 92
Ohio: Tail 58-0083, KC-135R from the 121st Air Refueling Wing, call sign REACH 084
Pennsylvania: Tail 59-1468, KC-135R from the 171st Air Refueling Wing, call sign ETHYL 96

While I’m at it, hits from each of the regular armed services:

Air Force: Tail 87-0122, KC-10A from the 305th Air Mobility Wing, call sign CLEAN 03
Coast Guard: Tail 6004, MH-60T
Navy: Tail 16-4404, E-6B from VQ-4

And foreign militaries:

Belgium: Tail CH-10, C-130H, 99th SM, call sign BAF 637
Germany: Tail 1021, A-310 from FBSBMVg, call sign GAF 596
Great Britain: Tail ZZ177, C-17A, Royal Air Force 99th Squadron, call sign RRR 6728